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Happy new Year 2011!

We wish all our friends, puppy owners and dogs a peacefull, successfull and of course happy new year!


Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you and your beloved families wonderful Christmas and all good luck for 2011!!!



New Pictures

Puppy and Winter Pictures online


New Puppy Pictures Week 8

New Puppy Pictures online!


All Puppies are reserved


Visit at Vet with Puppies/Maya/Sputnik

Today we drove with our "Amazing-Puppies" to Vet and they got a fully health check, vaccination and microchip. Also the car drive was very good with them. Maya got her yearly vaccination and Sputnik became castrated.


New Pictures

New Puppy Pictures 6 weeks old.


New Pictures + Standings Week 6

New Puppy Pictures and Standing Pictures online. We updated also Alices Gallery with new Pictures!


Visit from Dad Dean

Last Sunday we got visit from Deep Devotion Brdské zlato and his owners and breeder.


New Puppy Pictures

Our puppies are now 5 weeks!


New Puppy-Pictures of week 4!

Many new Puppy-Pictures are online! Videos from our Puppies you can find on our Facebook site!


New puppy pictures!

Our puppies are now 3 weeks old and already got their first milk-meal from bowl.


Puppy pictures

Week 3


New puppy pictures online!

Our puppies are now in week 2.


Our puppies gain weight very nicely!

20-25 Grammes gain our puppies per day in average - very good!


Puppy pictures online!

You can find new puppy pictures from date of birth on our website!


We have puppies!

Maya gave birth to 8 wonderfull puppies on Oct 21st! 6 boys and 1 girls


Maya lets us waiting

Today is day 63 of pregnancy but Mummy Maya decided to make it much more exciting for us and so we have to wait on for her little puppies!


Our Cheesy had to be castrate today

Our poor dog Cheesy had to be castrate today because of cysts in his prostate. We all hope that he will be soon our "old boy" again!

New pictures in the Gallery

We put some new pictures from Autumn in our Gallery!


Maya is in whelp!

Today we got positve news after ultrasound: Maya is in whelp! Arround 8 Puppies shall be born at 19.10.!!!


New pictures online!

Alice - Give when you get Brdské Zlato

Maya - Colour of Wind Goldy Forever

Summer 2010


We have a new family meber!

Alice - Give When You Get Brdské zlato is our new little hope for our kennel. She is very lively and charming girl! We love her so much and she likes staying with us, the big dogs and the funny cats.


Our dog Cheesy is back at home!

After ca. 3 weeks "holiday" with very good friends from us, or beloved dog Cheesy returns to home!!


News under planed litters

Dean - Deep Devotion Brdské zlato mated on 15. & 17. August Maya - Colour of Wind Goldy Forever. If everything goes well we expect puppies in the middle of October.

Our male dog Cheesy left for 2 weeks

Because of Maya's heat and soon mating, our dog Cheesy left for arround 2 weeks to very good friends from us. Thanks a lot to Martin and Kathi for taking care about our boy!


Maya is now in heat - we are very excited!

Planed Litter


Homepage now also in english language

German - English


New photos online



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We have a new Family Member

Kitten Sputnik


Homepage is online